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The Line of Love Book PDF Download

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The Line of Love Book Summary

principals taking the affair thus quietly, we may with profit emulate
them. So I let lapse this delicate matter of young Florian’s paternity,
and begin with his wedding._


The Episode Called The Wedding Jest

1. Concerning Several Compacts
It is a tale which they narrate in Poictesme, telling how love began
between Florian de Puysange and Adelaide de la Forêt. They tell also how
young Florian had earlier fancied other women for one reason or another;
but that this, he knew, was the great love of his life, and a love which
would endure unchanged as long as his life lasted.

And the tale tells how the Comte de la Forêt stroked a gray beard, and
said, “Well, after all, Puysange is a good fief–“

“As if that mattered!” cried his daughter, indignantly. “My father, you
are a deplorably sordid person.”

“My dear,” replied the old gentleman, “it does matter. Fiefs last.”

So he gave his consent to the match, and the two young people

The Line of Love PDF Download

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