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Morning Star Book PDF Download

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Morning Star Book Summary

“A royal prince faces many extreme challenges to win the throne and the heart of his beloved.”–Haggard H. Rider: Finished
its throne, at least another
daughter of Amen, a mighty queen, Hatshepu, wore the crown of the
Upper and the Lower Lands, and sent her embassies to search out the
mysteries of Punt. Of romance also, in high places, there must have
been abundance, though the short-cut records of the religious texts of
the priests do not trouble themselves with such matters.

At any rate, so believing, in the hope that it may interest readers of
to-day, I have ventured to discover and present one such romance,
whereof the motive, we may be sure, is more ancient, by far, than the
old Egyptians, namely, the triumph of true love over great
difficulties and dangers. It is pleasant to dream that the gods are on
the side of such lovers, and deign for their sakes to work the
miracles in which for thousands of years mankind has believed,
although the scientist tells us that they do not happen.

How large a part marvel and magic of the most terrible and exalted
kind played in the life of Old Egypt and of the nations with which she

Morning Star PDF Download

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