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In Secret Book PDF Download

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In Secret Book Summary

A mystery on the Swiss border during the War.
ce Service,
Naval Intelligence Service, Neutrality Squads of the Customs, and
the Postal Inspection. Then there’s the State Service and the police
and several other services. And there is no proper co-ordination, no
single head for all these agencies. The result is a ghastly
confusion and shameful inefficiency.

“This affair which I am investigating is a delicate one, as you
know. Any blundering might lose us the key to what may be a very
dangerous conspiracy. So I prefer to operate entirely within the
jurisdiction of our own Service–“

“What you propose to do is OUTSIDE of our province!” he interrupted.

“I’m not so sure. Are you?”

“Well–hum–hum!–what is it you propose to do to-night?”

“I should like to consult my Chief of Division.”

“Meaning me?”

“Of course.”



“Where are you just now, Miss Erith?”

“At home. Could you come to me?”

Vaux shivered again.

“Where d-do you live?” he asked, with chattering teeth.

She gave him the number of a private house on

In Secret PDF Download

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